Step 1Contact us with brief details about the size of house and whether you already have an architect.

Step 2We will discuss the details with you and then prepare a proposal for discussion with you or your architect.

Step 3After the proposal a detailed specification is drawn up in discussion with you or your architect and agreed with you.

Step 4When everything is decided, manuafacture starts and a few weeks later building work can start on site.


Are steel houses safe during lightning storms?

The steel frames offer superior protection compared to any other building system. When struck by lightning, the entire house acts as a Faraday cage: all electricity will be discharged into the ground without any harm to the occupants or to the house itself.

How can I hang paintings or furniture items on the walls?

As with a timber-frame house it depends on the weight of the object you wish to hang. For lighter objects such as picture frames or paintings you can use screws inserted directly into the wall cladding or, for heavyer objects, you can use a magnet to find the steel beams and insert the screws through the cladding and into the beams.

Does the steel frame interfere with radio waves (TV, mobile phones, WiFi)?

No. The radio waves can easily diffract around the steel beams with minimal loss of intensity. The signal strength is in certain cases better with steel frames compared to reinforced concrete walls because of wider spaces between the steel beams.

How long will it take to build?

Normally 4-6 weeks from initial enquiry to end of Step 3, with a further 3-4 weeks before construction starts on site. Typically the build is 8 - 10 weeks.

Who does that?

To keep things simple (and cheaper for you) we can arrange everything for you, but many of our clients take on responsibility for parts of the work, especially if they have relevant skills. The most common handover point is when the house is ready for all interior doors, decorating and the final fitout of bathroom and kitchen equipment.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary a lot, for a normal floor layout and simple specification for fit-out these figures are typical. These costs may vary and they exclude land and fees for building permits.

  80 - 120 m2 120 - 200 m2 200+ m2
foundations & service connections 150 - 200 eur/m2 130 - 180 eur/m2 100 - 160 eur/m2
structure & main build 350 - 400 eur/m2 330 - 380 eur/m2 320 - 350 eur/m2
interior fit-out 150 - 200 eur/m2 120 - 200 eur/m2 100 - 150 eur/m2
total 650 - 800 eur/m2 580 - 760 eur/m2 520 - 660 eur/m2

Can I buy a kit and arrange a builder myself?

We are very happy to supply a kit, and can provide advice to your builder. Its normally much simpler for our team to erect the structure.

Do you supply full drawings?

Yes. We provide a full and detailed specification for the entire build, including detailed construction drawings.