A steel structure is the product of a highly professional team. Like any successful sports team, every team member makes a vital contribution in achieving the right final result.

The steel construction team includes architects, design engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors, steelwork contractors, erectors, steel producers and specialist suppliers.

Structural steelwork has excellent sustainability credentials: steel may be continually recycled without loss of properties. Steel structures have low carbon footprints; they are lighter than concrete frames and need less foundation construction; steel structures require fewer site deliveries and are fabricated offsite in safer and healthier environments.

Factory based working supports a stable workforce, family life and stable communities.

Steel structures can provide both passive and active energy storage systems and only need 100mm thick concrete floors to provide the thermal mass fabric energy storage for daily temperature cycles. Steel structures are high quality, low defect with minimal waste.

Being totally re-usable, steel is the ultimate environmentally friendly product. Today's steel structures will almost certainly be used for the buildings of tomorrow.

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